Do you have Irish ancestry? Our genealogy and family history experiences give you the chance to walk in the footsteps of your ancestor and uncover your own family story. Our partners Irish Clann Connections carry out extensive research to create a bespoke and unique experience featuring the places that are a part of your family’s story.

We build a mystery tour around your ancestral line and we take you to the places associated with your family’s Irish history. We reveal details, stories and documents along the way to build up the story of your family.

Family homesteads, castles, famine ships, workhouses, graveyards, museums, stately homes, local people and cultural experiences combine to create a once in a lifetime genealogy and family history experience.

We create a bespoke day or a multi-day experience from 2-20 people tailored to your chosen ancestral line. This is a truly unique opportunity

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What information do you need to research my family tree?